March 15, 2022

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths for Good

How can you get rid of clothes moths in your storage space? Where do you even start? If you are feeling overwhelmed after discovering this little pests in your space, Cleveland Georgia Storage can help. We offer self storage space and expertise to the Cleveland, GA, community—everything from storage rentals to packing supplies to self storage tips. Look through our tricks below to get rid of clothes moths.

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how to get rid of clothes moths


How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Identify Your Pests as Clothes Moths

How can you know you are definitely dealing with clothes moths? Well, first, your stored fabrics will primarily be the area that is affected. You will notice holes and/or a web material in your belongings. Clothes moths prefer animal-based materials, such as wool, so use extra care when storing these items. You might not see the clothes moths themselves, as much of damage is done when they are larvae. But as adults, the casemaking and webbing clothes moths can be about 1 centimeter with a yellow or gray color.

Clean & Disinfect

Now that you know what is causing the damage, you can get them gone. Go through the materials that were damaged to find the pieces that can be freshened up versus the pieces that might be better to just be thrown away. Throw everything you are saving into a warm wash cycle to kill anything that is lingering. Then it is time to clean your storage space. If you are dealing with carpeting, such as in a closet, clean as thoroughly as you can. Vacuum well (and dispose of your vacuum bag right away!) and either steam clean or shampoo your carpet afterward.

Take Precautions for the Future

Is there a way to prevent clothes moths when you are first packing up your storage space? Airtight containers are your best protection. Sometimes you only have boxes or garment bags available, but when that is the case, it is worth the extra time to tape up seams and similar areas that could form holes over time. Do not give pests any reason to make their ways into your belongings.

Another precaution you can take is moving around your storage space. Clothes moths prefer dark spaces with humidity, like basements, attics, storage units—all the places you would think to tuck away storage boxes. But if you periodically rearrange your items and let in some airflow, you can disrupt the clothes moths’ ideal environment so they will not want to stick around.

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